The Fashion Tag!!!

Hi guys… so, here is my fashion tag. (I have no clue where I found the questions, but oh well).

1. What’s your favourite style to wear? My fave style at the moment is Boho Chic meets Skater Girl (if that’s a thing).

2. Fashion role model? I don’t really have a celebrity one, but i really like Katniss Everdeen’s (Jennifer Lawrence) look in The Hunger Games trilogy, it’s really easy to wear but still has that ‘Edgy’ vibe.

3. Something you always have on? My Asda Buckle Flat boots as they’re really comfy and I wear them for hours on end.

4. Favourite Jeans? My skinny jeans from Primark. They’re so comfy and they last so long even though they’re only a few £’s.

5. Favourite sunglasses? I don’t really have a fave pair, I never wear sunglasses.

6. Favourite shoes? My navy high Converse. 

7. Who influenced you to write about fashion? I kinda influenced myself, I’ve always been a fashionista, so it just came naturally.

8. Fave store? Primark! Or H&M

9. Fave fashion YouTuber? There is soooo many! I like FleurDeForce, Zoella280390 and FleurDeForce best, as well as Tanya Burr.

10. Fave fabric? Cotton or chiffon. I just love it!

11. Fave model? Cara Delevingne, defo.

12. What one item would you buy if you have £5,000? A Chanel bag!

13. Heels or flats? FLATS, hands down, I never wear heels, always flats.

14. I usually use my owl backpack or my mini Cath Kidston bag. 

15. Is fashion in your blood or on your jeans? On my jeans I guess, I have the opposite style to my mum!


  Stay tuned for my next post!

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